Learning and Acorns

          My experiences and learning in this Creative Occupations course may be likened to an acorn. At the beginning of the semester, I was clinging fast to the branch of an oak tree. The tree represents all the therapists or future therapists unaware of the benefits of creative occupations in occupational therapy. As the season of the semester advanced, the fall breeze began to loosen my hold on the tree branch. This breeze stemmed from the teaching of Dr. Griffiths. I was introduced to the power that creative occupations have to change lives. Creative occupations may be the driving force needed to motivate patients to participate in therapy. The breeze of Dr. Griffiths’ teaching finally won over and blew me from the tree of unawareness. I landed firmly in fertile soil not far from the oak tree.

        Through my assignments and community experiences I was able to neatly situate myself in the soil and begin to form my own roots and branches. I learned how to incorporate creative occupations into practice so they are still reimbursable and I learned how to grade certain activities to meet the needs of patients. I began to really understand the amazing potential of creative arts in practice.

         I am currently a small oak tree with solid roots, which is a testament to the sound teaching I have received. I have the potential to grow into a large, strong oak tree.  I hope to gain further skills and experiences in implementing creative occupations in practice. As I grow I hope that the people I come in contact with in the future will also learn the importance of this aspect of practice. As I influence those around me, I hope to send off many acorns from my own tree that will grow into therapists who implement creative arts into practice. The tree of unawareness is still not far off, so I hope that the roots of that tree will not strangle my growth. In other words, I hope those therapists who do not use creative occupations will not hinder me from doing so in the future.


Clip Art retrieved from: http://clipart.peirceinternet.com/plants.html